Meet Pixelated Dog
  Meet Pixelated Dog  

There was once a girl who wanted nothing more in the world than to have a dog. Unfortunately, she and her parents lived in an apartment that did not allow pets. She comforted herself by looking at pictures and videos of dogs on her computer. One day, an adorable and funny gray dog jumped right out of the monitor. The girl could not believe her eyes. The dog behaved like any well loved canine. It wagged its tail, barked and panted. The only thing different was that it was pixelated. Regardless, the girl fell in love with the quirky pooch. The parents also followed suit. How could they not? And I am sure that the building owners wouldn’t mind a virtual doggy.

Pixelated Dog is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

Reserve today: Contact Dana-Farber's Annual Giving Office at 617.632.6099 or


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