Meet Chickie Chickie Bang Bang
  Chickie Chickie Bang Bang  

You know how kids can watch the same movies over and over again? They can be happy watching The Little Mermaid 500 times!!! Well, this is what happened to Chickie Chickie Bang Bang. She cannot stop watching the 1968 Dick Van Dyke movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. She has memorized all of the songs from the film and cannot stop singing them, even though all her friends are way more into Frozen. Adults are relieved that when Chickie Chickie Bang Bang is around they don't have to listen to "Let it Go."

Chickie Chickie Bang Bang is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

Reserve today: Contact Dana-Farber's Annual Giving Office at 617.632.6099 or


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