Meet Bighead Strikes Again
  Meet Bighead Strikes Again  

Yes. This is his full name. He is one of those countless victims of new wave parents obsessed with Morrissey, lead singer of the Smiths. His mom and dad were going to name him Moz, Morrissey’s nickname, but they felt that this was too boring. Instead they christened their son after one of the band's songs. Prophecy fulfilled, Bighead Strikes Again (BSA for short) became a bigheaded bully. This came as a shock to his mom and dad. They did their best to help change BSA's ways. Nothing worked until they read BSA the lyrics of "Bigmouth Strikes Again." The line, "And now I know how Joan of Arc felt," truly resonated with BSA. He began reading more about the French heroine and set down a path of kindness and honor. Eventually, BSA became the kind of kid that makes Wally Cleaver look like a hooligan.

Bighead Strikes Again is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

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