Meet Beary Fish
  Meet Beary Fish  

Once a gummy bear accidentally got dropped in a fish tank. Since fish don't eat candies, he was left alone. Also, to his surprise, he did not dissolve in the water. He was very happy about that, but soon got bored just hanging around on the bottom of the tank. He was jealous of the fishes being able to swim and play in the water. Suddenly, he had an idea. Beary Fish decided to reshape his stubby legs and feet into fins. In no time, he was able to swim like a champ. Eventually, he even made clothes out of the seaweed in the tank.

Beary Fish is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

Reserve today: Contact Dana-Farber's Annual Giving Office at 617.632.6099 or


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