Meet Oinkette
  Meet Pigure It Out  

MaryAnn has a pet pig named Oinkette. Sometimes these kinds of exotic pets can end up being a nightmare, but Oinkette has been sweet, well-behaved, and adorable ever since she was a piglet! MaryAnn takes her almost everywhere: to the park, the mall, and even on plane rides and to restaurants. People always ask MaryAnn where they could get an equally lovable pig. This gave MaryAnn the idea to have Oinkette cloned. Her mom is a scientist at MIT and just happens to specialize in cloning. Now MaryAnn and her family not only have the world's best pig, but also own a successful business making people happy with Oinkette’s awesome clones.

Oinkette is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

Reserve today: Contact Dana-Farber's Annual Giving Office at 617.632.6099 or


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