Meet Crabten
  Meet Crabten  

Walk along the beach at Half Moon Bay and you'll stumble upon dozens of cats sunning themselves. It's an adorable sight, and a bit surreal until you find out where the kitties live: Sam's Chowder House, right next to the beach. These not-so-feral felines are the semi-pets of the world-famous restaurant (they get yummy seafood scraps that customers leave behind). One of these cats, Tom, goes for regular dips in the ocean. Very unusual for a cat, but Tom is in love! He once rescued Priscilla the crab, who was about to be someone's dinner at Sam's Chowder House. Since flinging her back into the ocean, Tom visits the water to spend some quality time with Priscilla. Their storybook romance became even more legendary when their daughter, Crabten, was born. She is the type of animal hybrid that could make you believe in the possibility of world peace. Crabten has won the hearts of cats, crabs and restaurant patrons alike. She convinced them all to become vegetarian. And now Sam's Chowder House is Sam's Kale House. But don't worry – the sunbathing kitties still live there :)

Crabten is available for you to befriend with gifts and corresponding benefits starting at $5,000.

Reserve today: Contact Dana-Farber's Annual Giving Office at 617.632.6099 or


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