Choose your friend at Jimmy's Junction!

Thank you for helping to bring a new, fun and happy world to life for patients at the Jimmy Fund Clinic!

The Jimmy Fund Clinic—a place of hope and healing for pediatric cancer patients and their families—underwent a major transformation. This renovation and expansion increased the clinical space by 40 percent to provide state-of-the-art pediatric cancer care in a setting that empowers our youngest patients to still be kids.

Jimmy's Junction—a uniquely lit display featuring animated performances by 51 cartoon-like characters—projects an aura of friendliness and comfort, easing the transition from the waiting room to the clinic and creating a fun, positive atmosphere. It is full of life with motion tracking that allows these colorful Jimmy Fund Friends to accompany patients and their families, as well as clinic staff and visitors as they travel past the wall. To see a sample performance, check out Wheelie’s moves!

See all of our friends!
  All of our Jimmy's Junction characters have found a friend! Learn more about how you can name a gene or a zebrafish at Dana-Farber.